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Journal post by :iconziravinova:
I've finally added the newest chapter to the story and have started working on the next one. We're getting a slow start on getting back into the swing of things, but I like how it's going so far.

I am still trying to edit the errors and adjust the writing style for a more fluid feel (i.e., adjusting character speech for a better sense of continuity in accent and mannerisms, for example.) If something seems different, that's probably why.

For more information on the recent changes, please read over this journal post.

ALSO! For normal readers and beta readers alike: Feel free to [show your love] by going to FF.Net and leaving a review. Anonymous comments are being accepted and constructive criticism is welcome.
[Chapter 1: Prologue]
The chapter that started it all, and was originally meant to be a stand-alone story in and of itself to vent about Void doing a wipe (and then ultimately being shut down).
[Chapter 2: Shujiri Reborn]
Freya pulls Shujiri from the void and tells him he must gather his old friends for an important journey to determine the fate of all Rune-Midgard. Only a little Filir homunculus will remember everything besides himself, however, making the journey a bit more difficult. She doesn't say why...
[Chapter 3: Shujiri Renewed]
Shujiri regains his status as an Assassin Cross (with a bit of showing off, thank ye kindly,) and is ready to begin the mission given to him by Freya. But where to start?
[Chapter 4: Missionary Man]
High Priest Zira's strange, and occasionally frightening, dreams have lead him to leave the churches in Prontera and Rachel where he served Freya to begin a mission of his own: Find out what those dreams and nightmares mean! Perhaps the scythe he's carrying around explains all of the funny looks he's getting from the townspeople in Izlude...
[Chapter 5: The Team Reformed (Part 1)]
Shujiri's tracked down Zira in Geffen and offers him a chance to find the purpose behind his dreams if he comes with him. Hesitant but determined, Zira agrees to join him and they set off to find their third party member: Alex Armyst, a somewhat-down-on-his-luck Whitesmith. With some gentle prodding, the three set off on their search for the next person to join them.
[Chapter 6: O'er the Fields He Goes]
Jeliel, a High Wizard, didn't feel as if he fit in with the people in Yuno. So, without asking permission from his brain first, his feet began taking him on a trip away from home out into the world. Reluctant to go to Niflheim, he starts the first leg of his journey by going to Lutie...Or rather, getting stalled out by a blizzard in Lutie Field. He might be in trouble if he can't get out of the storm soon, though.
[Chapter 7: The Team Reformed (Part 2)]
Shujiri, Zira, and Alex to the rescue! They've stumbled upon Jeliel and in the hubbub, they've alerted the ice wolf, Garm, and her pups to their presence on her turf. Shujiri and Zira fight off the little pack but choose to spare Garm and Resurrect her fallen pups, explaining that they fought to protect their friends and have no purpose in further violence with her. Thankful for their extended kindness, Garm sends one of her pups with them and Shujiri names it Tyr. Looks like this is going to be a long quest for poor Zira...
[Chapter 8: Commotion in Comodo (Part 1)]
The Stalker, Dmitri, has a pretty easy life now that he's found his way to Comodo; the dancers and gypsies are impressed with his appearance and his suave charm, and have offered to let him stay in their dance studio while he sorts through a few things. Staying there with him is the Assassin Cross girl he cares for as a daughter, Sahari; both are confused about why it seems like something's missing and why they were drawn to Comodo. Something's up, though, and Sahari's gone to retrieve Dmitri so they can find out what it is.
[Chapter 9: Commotion in Comodo (Part 2)]
Jackel Vane, Gunslinger extraordinaire, and High Priestess Lady Lana have found themselves in Comodo amid a seemingly endless hoard of Medusa monsters that were drawn from the cave nearby by their noisy arrival. Thanks to a little unintentional distraction by Lana, the two find themselves in a pretty tight spot. Salvation is nearby, however, and this time it goes by the names of Dmitri and Sahari, who have come to help fight off the monsters. Let's get this party started!
[Chapter 10: Commotion in Comodo (Part 3)]
Everything seemed to be going pretty well for the four new friends until a bit of overzealous on Sahari's part sends her crashing into Lady Lana and throws the two away from Dmitri and Jackel. Dmitri rushes to help them leaving Jackel in a bit of a problematic situation, but once that's taken care of, it seems like Jackel's not without a few surprises up his sleeve as well. Ehhn...Don't quit your day job, Jackel. At least now they're free to set off together, and that's just what they do. It's not like there was anyone in the little beach town that would miss the Stalker and Assassin Cross, right?
[Chapter 11: Commotion in Comodo OMAKE]
Or, I could have been mistaken...
[Chapter 12: Ghebriel Awakens]
The Biochemist, Ghebriel, wakes up to find himself still in Amatsu. He's as confused at his situation as the others are, but his thoughts are interrupted by Alex, who's warped to Amatsu to return to his old shop for some money to help fund the journey he and the others are making. At Alex's reminder, Ghebriel creates his first homunculus - a Filir. Strangely enough, the little creature insists its name is Pharin, and furthermore, that he had been created before as well! Alex departs and leaves Ghebriel to warp to Lutie to gather his thoughts, and while there, Pharin explains roughly some of the points covered with Shujiri by Freya, albeit in a bit vaguer detail.
[Chapter 13: We're Off to Amatsu!]
The chapter in which I first realized that Pharin's foul mouth will probably be the primary cause for the strong language alerts being selected for certain chapters. Still too drained to use the mystical energies of Rune-Midgard to warp back to Amatsu, Ghebriel begins the trek back there on foot and is accompanied by his homunculus. The Filir seems to have a problem with that idea, however, and a small argument breaks out between them about whether or not Pharin is..naked? Uhh, moving right along, Jackel and Dmitri open fire at the homunculus, thinking the tiny creature to be a monster rather than the man they're trying to "save"'s creation. When Lady Lana explains the situation, however, and introductions are made, they all agree (more or less peacefully) to make the trip to Amatsu together.
[Chapter 14: Zeny, Zeny, Zeny By the Pound (Ouch!)]
Rine the Mastersmith has it all - a good business as a 'Smith (and a side-job as a Merchant), loyal customers (suckers), a loving (money-obsessive) wife, and disarmingly good looks (fruity). Oh, and did I mention he's practically filthy-stinking-rich because he's developed the perfect method of raking in the zeny? Even Rina Hanabi, his wife, is in on the act! But they'd better watch out - a pair of Sniper twins are heading their way- ouch. Too late. Well, with that encounter behind them, it's time to move on with their lives...Right?
[Chapter 15: The More, the Merrier]
Finally in Lutie, Zira's group have decided to rest at the inn for the night. Once they've procured a room, they begin discussing their two main goals: find the others and destroy Satan Morroc. At first Jeliel is a little more than against the idea, but once Falcone, a Professor staying in the room next to them, overhears the plan and is invited to join them for research purposes, his reluctance is dismissed in favour of proving himself the more useful of the two magic-users present. The first order of business while they're in town? The Knight of the Windstorm, Stormy; he's been acting out of the ordinary recently, even for him, and they're going to find out why. First thing in the morning, of course.
[Chapter 16: Home, Sweet Home?]
Ghebriel's little group has made it to Amatsu safely with only minor incidents and just a handful of further attacks on Pharin's life by Dmitri and Jackel. Now that they're in town, it's safe to split up and look around. Jackel and Lana head out for a tree for some reason and Sahari tags along. Before Dmitri can get to exploring, Ghebriel's drawn to an empty house in the distance. Curious, the Stalker follows him and both he and the 'Chemist are surprised to be told by Pharin that the little home they've come to is where Ghebriel used to live.
[Chapter 17: Home is Where the Heart is]
Ghebriel gets a glimpse of the past when he steps into the empty building and Pharin informs him that he and another man, one whose name sounded like a bird, used to live there together. More awkwardness ensues as Jackel breaks up the silence with his arrival, but with the help of Pharin, Lady Lana, Sahari, Jackel, and Dmitri, Ghebriel is convinced that their next stop should be Lutie - where, hopefully, he can find that mystery man.
[Chapter 18: Stormy Reunions]
While Gheb & co. finally make it to the inn at Lutie and choose to wait there for the group occupying the rooms to return, Shujiri and the others are in the Toy Factory facing off against none other than Stormy himself. Minor injuries abound but the monster is successfully defeated and Tyr reveals that Stormy was being controlled by the same evil forces that had hazed Garm's mind at first. Upon returning to the inn, Alex slips out to make his way to the forge nearby while introductions are made and the beginnings of new love are noticeable as Shujiri meets Lady Lana, and Falcone and Ghebriel are eased into the memories of being a couple, themselves.
[Chapter 19: The Morning After]
In which Jackel has a hangover, Shujiri takes a knife to Pharin and Jeliel, Sahari steals breakfast, Ghebriel curls up to Falcone for a nap, Falcone nearly kills Dmitri, and all Zira and Lady Lana really want is just to have a nice cup of morning tea in peace. Ahh, but life's never quite that cooperative. Hey - where's Alex, anyway?
[Chapter 20: Refined Tastes]
Shujiri and Lana set out to the forge near the inn in Lutie to retrieve Alex. Life doesn't always have a punchline.
[Chapter 21: Trivia & Pursuit]
With Alex in need of sleep, the trip out of Lutie is postponed, allowing for more time to catch up for Falcone and Ghebriel. The Professor is determined to remind Ghebriel of his feelings for him, but the spacey 'Chemist might be a tougher client than he'd originally thought. A strip tease later, they're on their way back to the inn and Falcone discovers the best way to stop the smaller man from his ramblings about research.
[Chapter 22: Trivia & Pursuit OMAKE]
Pharin is upset and concerned at the prospect of being left at the inn while Ghebriel and Falcone go off on their little "date" alone.
[Chapter 23: Uncertain Circumstances]
Pharin shows his softer side and Sahari admits her feelings for..who? Zira, Jeliel, Shujiri, and Falcone's weapons have been given a serious upgrade by Alex, and at last, they set out for Prontera to search for Rine.
[Chapter 24: They'll Wipe the Floor With You!]
Sahari provokes a Cleaner and Dmitri, ever-protective of the young Assassin, takes the hit when it retaliates and is killed in her place. A long battle with the Cleaner ensues, during which Shujiri, Zira, and the others realize they have a long way to go before they're ready to take on Satan Morroc. With Dmitri revived, the battle seems to take a turn for the better until the creature's painfully loud screaming brings everyone to a stand-still. A mysterious Paladin arrives just in time and brings a stop to the Cleaner's rampage, effectively ending the battle. Rather than say "You're welcome" when Zira offers their thanks, however, he has another surprise in store for them: They're under arrest!
[Chapter 25: The King of Prontera]
The Paladin turns out to be King Gakudon, the current sovereign of Prontera! When Zira, Shujiri, and the others explain what happened and why they're traveling, Gakudon says it seems to be related to the visions of a Clown he'd met not too long ago named Chrnos, who had set out to Amatsu with one of his Lord Knight guards, Xabel Vanhaerents. After being told about some of those visions, Shujiri and the others decide that finding Chrnos and Xabel is now their primary concern; finding Rine will have to wait until they've gotten more information about what's going on, and they feel Chrnos can help with that.
[Chapter 26: At Wit's End]
Arriving in Izlude, Zira is aggravated to discover the town in an uproar. With only a small window of time in which to accomplish their goals, however, they decide not to interfere and continue on their way to the docks. A familiar set of twins have a different idea in mind, though, and after a run-in, they make their way to the boat only to discover their zeny - and some of their items - has gone missing! Jackel's temper is unusually quick to rise Zira finally puts his foot down with Jeliel's attitude, then they go to the inn in town for the night to figure out what to do next. While there, Zira shares in Jackel's bizarre, terrifying dream and awakens to realize that it wasn't just a was some strange mixture of the Gunslinger's memories and a conversation from the man in them!
[Chapter 27: Outwitting the Tricksters]
Cross-dressing to the rescue! Memories are discussed, Falcone reveals his closet perversion, and Zira mulls over the pros and cons of murder when he, Jeliel, Ghebriel, and Shujiri become victims of a plan so crazy that it has to work as they find themselves stuffed into dresses to fool the thieving Sniper twins into a false sense of security so they can retrieve their stolen belongings.
[Chapter 28: Bon Voyage - Departure]
Not about to let having no ride stop them on their quest, Shujiri and the others take the offer extended to sail with Captain Drake and his unusual crew to Alberta. New faces are introduced, Jackel and Shujiri have a showdown, and Lady Lana, Sahari, and Zira are picked from the group to keep the flirtatious captain company. But not everyone's as thrilled with the sailing situations as they are; Mavrik, the primary "weather man" of The Black Dragon, and Torq, the leading Mastersmith of the crew, have reservations about the strain placed on the ship and the outlook of the weather. Only time will tell what that means for everyone, but considering the luck of our heroes, it can't be good...
[Chapter 29: The Raging Tempest]
This one's a long one. Shujiri discovers the cause for light sensitivity (*snort* lulz...), Vladmir and Bennett have an accident, Mavrik turns out to have been one of Jeliel's friends in a past life, the ship explodes, many are injured or killed, and Hughes tries to commit Priestly suicide. Oh, and did I mention Jeliel plays God?
[Chapter 30: The Raging Tempest OMAKE]
The town of Izlude is buzzing with the news of the sinking of The Black Dragon and the events that followed it - especially the people involved. Could they be the people the legends spoke of? Either way, everyone seems to be impressed, but none more so than the two strangers that approach a group of gossiping sailors about the shipwreck...
[Chapter 31: We're Off! (...Again)]
In the safety of an inn in Alberta, the survivors of the shipwreck are being healed by top-quality Priests, healers, and Soul Linkers. Falcone has something important to discuss with Shujiri and Jackel, however, but before they can completely finish the conversation, Zira's screaming interrupts them and sends them running down the hall to investigate - along with what seems like half of the staff and a few other patients. The terrified High Priest is quick to Teleport away, however, prompting a search of the inn and the town's grounds to locate him. Jeliel's the first to track him down, and during their somewhat awkward exchange, a new couple is born. Shujiri's reluctant to interrupt the moment and returns to the inn to prepare everyone to leave. Hughes reveals he has a dirtier mouth than Pharin and Jackel combined and they're off!
[Chapter 32: Rest and Relaxation - The Journey to Amatsu]
It's time for everyone to finally take a break as they sail (this time peacefully) towards Amatsu aboard The Ocean's Angel. While they kick back, some of them reflect on the recent events, their pasts, and how it all ties in with what's happening now. Lana and Shujiri get to have some personal time together, in which Shujiri gives a rough explanation for what launched them into the rebirth cycles in the first place. Oh, did I mention we also get to see Pharin's protective side again? :iconhurrplz:
[Chapter 33: Descent Into the Shrine]
Finally in Amatsu, Shujiri and the others realize that they must journey to the hidden shrine in search of Xabel and Chrnos. Sarta, an Assassin Cross, offers to be their guide there and with the assistance of his pet Miyabi Doll, they finally- and accidentally -land themselves in the hidden sanctuary. Something catches Shujiri and Sarta's eye and they're off to fight Incantation Samurai, but when it runs off, they realize they might be in much worse danger than they could have ever imagined when Alex and Falcone are mysteriously struck down...
[Chapter 34: Rurouni Yuuki]
The group faces their first really deadly opponent and realizes they still have quite a ways to go before they're anywhere near ready to take on a foe as dangerous as Satan Morroc. With Falcone and Alex down, they realize they're at quite a disadvantage since their Priests are being forced to focus their attention on their fallen friends rather than on keeping them up to their maximum potential. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst when Yuuki gets in a few good hits and a round of Magnum Break makes Zira an easy target for the sword-wielding MvP. But what's this? He's...Bowing?
[Chapter 35: An Explanation]
Ohh, darn; every time they get one step closer to Rine, they suddenly jump three steps back again! But what's Sarta talking about? Why is he so defensive about the subject of the fruity 'Smith, and what does the information they have to offer have to do with what's going on in the heart of Morocc?
[Chapter 36: A Message From the Dark]
Accidents will happen, and thanks to a nightmare, the group has become even more aware of the dangers of this from their newest addition than they'd ever dreamed possible. Fortunately, no harm no foul...At least, no harm after a good Healing. But what this could mean for everyone down the road has some frighteningly grim possibilities...
[Chapter 37: The Stuff of Nightmares?]
Shujiri decides it's time to tell Zira why Ghebriel's so terrified of Falcone now and then, and it's about time, too; it could prove detrimental to their mission if this unusual reaction to such a calm, warm intellectual starts to get in the way. Is it something Zira wants to hear, though, and even if so, is it something Ghebriel and Falcone are prepared to hear?
[Chapter 38: High-Flying Trouble]
They're on their way to Veins to hopefully find Chrnos and Xabel, but an unexpected visitor might prove to be something of a setback to the group as they now find themselves in harm's way once again.
[Chapter 39: A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Be Suspicious!]
Thanks to a last-second rescue by some very unusual strangers, everyone's back on their feet and moving towards the island again. Jealousy rears its ugly head for Falcone and Jeliel and even Shujiri and Sahari feel its sting. Shujiri's new acquaintance shares some interesting information with him, but how will this benefit them in the end? He's not even sure he understands it all! Upon reaching the boat it's time for the two groups to go their separate ways, but not without some parting advice first.
[Chapter 40: The Nameless Island (Part 1)]
A chapter in which Zira becomes luggage, Ghebriel proves his usefulness, the lore of Banshees is discussed, and a new threat emerges to challenge the team's determination and will to survive. Can't they catch a break?
[Chapter 41: The Nameless Island (Part 2)]
The battle is under way as the heroes struggle to get past their opponent to the abbey, but it seems like the monster isn't going down without a fight. The fights are getting more and more dangerous, as Shujiri and Jeliel are about to find out.
[Chapter 42: The Nameless Island (Part 3)]
After the battle it's time for a heart to heart, where the heroes learn what triggered the Holy 'ring's fit of rage. Godporing sees fit to reward Shujiri and Jeliel's valiance and assists the team in furthering their journey with quite the display of magic. A few questionable puns/jokes later and the friends are off once again, heading for the heart of the abbey in their quest to search and destroy- I mean, search and question, my bad -Chrnos and Xabel.
[Chapter 43: The Cursed Abbey (Part 1)]
With their rewards and the rejuvenation of their energies, the group has made their way to the second floor of the abbey, where they encounter a not-so-small problem: hoards of Undead and Demon type monsters have been wandering the halls looking for victims, and they've just stumbled right into their midst! Never let anyone tell you violence can't solve -ANYTHING,- because apparently that's the solution to their problems when Zira reveals a bit of a surprise in a pinch. With that out of the way they start further in, but wailing stops their trip short and they're confronted with the pitiful form of a resident of the abbey, mobbed by a herd of Banshees. Not everything is as it seems, though, and they're about to learn this the hard way, unfortunately...
[Chapter 44: The Cursed Abbey (Part 2)]
Hibram's made an appearance and he is not a happy camper. Or rather, he's too happy. Okay, scratch that; he's pissed. Maybe. Well, regardless that nobody seems to be able to get a good hold on his mental state, that demon attached to him seems to have decided it doesn't like them. They're in for quite a fight if they want to make it past the bishop alive, but what happened to him? And what does he keep rambling on about?
[Chapter 45: The Cursed Abbey (Part 3)]
With the battle over, it's time to collect their nerves and head off for the third floor in search of Chrnos and Xabel. Before they can get started, however, they run into Wizomgot, the High Wizard Gambriel had told them about - or rather, he stumbles upon them. They have a nice discussion on the matter of prophecies and legends until a wayward comment alerts Wizomgot to the fact that he's already seen the people they're looking for - and as it turns out, of course, the two have already left the abbey! They say their thanks and leave, but they have no idea who else they're leaving behind...
[Chapter 46: Good Night]
Finally off the island, our heroes make their way to Yuno to head for Kiel's factory in search of Chrnos Bari and Xabel Vanhaerents. Shujiri's decided they have a bit of time to kill before the two get there, so he opts to let everyone just rest for the night with the promise of testing everyone's abilities the next day. A bit of male bonding and Pharin's soft side peeking through later, and it's time to say good night to the men and women of RoChronicles. At least, for now.
[Chapter 47: Let's Get Down to Business!]
The heroes decide it's time to train a little to learn each other's strengths and weaknesses, and even the excitable little Tyr gets in on the action. The fun times go awry, however, when a silly spell famous for casting anything from Hide to Asura Strike just barely avoids causing the past to repeat itself, so now it's time for Zira to have a little heart to heart with the two book worms of the group. Once everything's settled, it's back to the inn where they prepare to concentrate on the more pressing matters at hand: how to proceed.
[Chapter 48: Reality Sets In]
With the day's excitement behind them the crew decides to relax for a bit before touching on the elephant in the room, but Pharin seems determined not to let them put it off any longer. Besides..he's getting hungry, damnit!
[Chapter 49: Down the Lunatic Hole]
After turning in for the night, Shujiri's confronted by a very unusual, highly unexpected guest. His night takes a turn from the weirder from there as smoking worms, disappearing people, and random appearances from strangers bring up questions that are confusing and convoluted enough to give anyone a headache - even poor Shujiri. What do they mean by "Protect Elys?" And who's this queen they keep talking about?! See how many references you can recognize in this disturbing new addition to the RoChronicles saga!
[Chapter 50: I'll Be Watching You]
Shujiri is bound and determined to make everyone believe him when he tells them Mr. Nom-Nom is a spy, but that could be easier said than done when said spy has proven to be one of the only ones that doesn't really say anything, ever, and has the cuteness factor on his side. Lady Lana does some soul searching in two of the team members and Shujiri feels a little more concern about the potential of a rivalry, but in the end they decide it's time to head out for the factory. Of course, it could have been a bad idea to ask what to expect, considering two members of the group are walking encyclopedias-slash-historians-slash-trivia cards.
[Chapter 51: The Tale of Kiel Hyre]
Falcone's story of Kiel Hyre is a relatively short, sad one, but it opens up the question of morality, mortality, and what can be defined as life versus artificial life.
[Chapter 52: Kiel's Factory]
The journey to Kiel's factory was a relatively short one, but thanks to Falcone's story, it's passed faster than it otherwise would have. But was there any truth to the legend, or is it only an urban legend with nothing to back it up? Well, they're about to find out.
[Chapter 53: Rage Against the Machines]
Well, that answers that question. Also, musical shout out!
[Chapter 54: Coming to an Understanding]
Our heroes learn the trouble with possession isn't just with humans, but also inanimate objects as well. Or, in this case, non-living animate objects? Robots, we'll just put it that way - robots.
[Chapter 55: Kiel's Very Own OMAKE]
Sometimes, life writes its own jokes. Life for robots is no different.
[Chapter 56: This Place Looks Familiar]
The return was rather quick, but at least there were no storms this time around. Falcone finally takes the big step forward and- well, I guess four walls was a little bit much, anyway.
[Chapter 57: With This Ring]
Ghebriel might have had a few problems with family as he grew up but that's nothing Shujiri can't fix! With Zira performing his Priestly duties and the happy groom waiting nervously for his male bride, the big day has finally come. Of course, poor Jackel still can't catch a break.
[Chapter 58: No Rest for the Weary]
Now that the married couple are off on their honeymoon, it's time for some introspection and contemplation towards the group's situation on Shujiri's part. Pharin comes along to join him and offer some advice. Pharin and Shujiri...and Zira makes three. Oh, but Amune's here and he has a friendly warning for the group. But what does it mean?
[Chapter 59: Dwindling Numbers]
Amune's warning has been explained, and now that they've seen first-hand how bad the damage to their former pirate friends has been, they're more than happy to lend a hand in retrieving their lost companions. But do they really know what they've just gotten themselves into? Time will tell. Yet another song shout out!
[Chapter 60: Ghosts in the Fog]
The enemy has been revealed and it's quickly becoming clear that our heroes might be in a little bit over their heads. Maybe it would have been best to bring the entire group to help with this one, but it's too late now. Unfortunately for Shujiri and his friends, it might be too late in more ways than one.
[Chapter 61: All Or Nothing]
The not-so-triumphant heroes return and deliver both the good news and the bad. Determined to set out and regain their lost companion, they admit defeat for the night and turn in early to tackle the problem anew the next day. Hopefully they'll be more successful this time.
[Chapter 62: Assemble the Troops]
The group has decided who'll be going this time, and yet again they might have made a drastic mistake. Time will tell, but I didn't really want to write in too many more characters I haven't played personally. Sorry! :XD:
[Chapter 63: The Ill-Won Battle]
That. Went. Horribly. At least one thing worked out for the best, but in the process they were dealt a couple of heavy blows. Thankfully they have a healer present, but now the real fight begins. Who's up for some swashbuckling fun?
[Chapter 64: Never Shall We Die]
And yet another song reference. With the battle raging, they finally get the upper hand. The late captain of The Black Dragon has a gift for one of them, but also an unsettling warning. What could he mean? ..And why is Felix such a creeper?
[Chapter 65: Picking Up the Pieces]
With everyone finally being reunited, it's time to get back to Izlude - or what's left of it. The battle is over and the consequences of it are grim and depressing, but among the rubble there are survivors, and Shujiri and his friends have made it their duty to assist the remaining Black Dragon members in helping out where they can to find them. The city may never be the same, but our heroes have a mission. Unfortunately, one of their companions might not quite be up to strength just yet.
[Chapter 66: The City of Steel]
Finally on their way out of Izlude for what they secretly hope will be the last time, Shujiri leads his friends out in pursuit of following the advice Amune's potentially prophetic friend had for them. Rine has now become their number one priority, but a stop through Einbroch brings Lady Lana on a path of her own - a trip down memory lane, with some rather depressing thoughts. Will their friend be in the City of Steel? There's only one way to find out.
[Chapter 67: Detective Shujiri]
Sahari is her usual cutely violent self, Shujiri takes the opportunity to get more familiar with Lady Lana, and a Pandaporing avenges its fallen brethren. Oh, and an arrow almost kills someone. Pretty standard day, all in all.
[Chapter 68: Letting Go of the Past]
With the stand-off at hand, a startling revelation is made that turns the tide of how the dynamics of some integral parts of Shujiri's group might work in the future. The result is rather depressing for morale, but never fear, because Sahari just might have an idea of how to start making things right.
[Chapter 69: Because I Could Not Stop For Death]
Our heroes venture through Utan and the Umbala dungeon into the heart of Niflheim in search of their fruity friend. A run-in with a rather unusual concept gives them a nasty surprise, however, which brings them to an inn with an unusual pair of occupants who seem to recognize Jeliel. One rather unpleasant memory later, the group heads out to resume their search, but they find themselves in the path of a truly terrifying nemesis.
[Chapter 70: He Kindly Stopped For Me]
The battle commences, with some rather unexpected twists and turns here and there. When the tide of the battle turns for the worst, some quick thinking might be able to turn it back in their favour in the nick of time. In the end, they're left with some parting words that are far too familiar to the worlds of Rune-Midgard. Who is this 'Red One' he speaks of?
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